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    2011 Forex Broker Scam of the Year Nominees

    2011 Forex Broker Scam of the Year Nominees (in chronological order) Like in the non-broker category, there are fewer nominees this year. The FPA Traders Court has helped to resolve issues and also has kept companies from being labelled scam for some lesser issues. There are 3 nominees in...
  2. Scam Investigations Committee

    JadeFx shut down by the CFTC

    JadeFx shut down by the CFTC The complaints started on March 2nd in the reviews. A number of reviewers reported issues connecting to JadeFx's MT4 servers.. On March 7th, FPA member Horacio Ofman reported in the forums that the Jade FxLtd's website was down and that metatrader wouldn't connect...
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    The company has disappeared from the internet. Website is down an the Metatrader platform is disconnected. Last friday they sent this email through the MT4 mail system: "We would like to update all our JadeFX Ltd club members on situation or isssue we have at hand. After today's meetings ...
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    Discuss JadeFX.com

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