1. H

    A Commisioner of Jitak Capital Limited Blocked My Contact

    The number of the Commisioner: +852 6576 9624 We contact from Whatsapp, He asked me to Deposited from Cryptocurrency (USDT). After my Fund Reach 4880 USDT, he blocked my Contact. The amount of the money still here. And i try to start Trading, it still work. Any reply will be appreciated, thank...
  2. AlexC

    Jitak not returning my funds

    I have tried forex with JITAK 2 to 3 months back and when I tried to withdrew a part of the funds (1700USD), they replied they required the withdrawal of 10000USD in order for a smooth withdrawal, any amounts lesser than that will need a special permission (I only have 7000USD in the account)...