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  1. oldschool

    I was scammed by Justforex. Not withdraw money

    I was opened account by recomendation of other trader in this broker. Before account open I also talk to the company employee. He told me I should use EURUSD.ECN acount, it does not have restrictions on any trading strategy and all orders was sent to their provider. I was trading several month...
  2. el23876

    Problem Justforex cleaned my account deposit and profits earned since 2019

    My account was cleaned from 15000 to 0 yesterday It was my deposit + profits earned from 2019 Trading strategy - news trading. No arbitrage, no IB manipulation. received such email from them as an explanation: "some of the losses that the company incurred as a result of fraudulent activities in...
  3. G

    Multis vs Justforex

    I am really dissatisfied with the way Justforex works. On 18 Feb 2021, they sent me an email about stopping cooperating with me for several reasons as follows: I really don't understand why they did that, or what's going on. They asked for verification and I also did finish them, but they did...
  4. suleman_faisalabad

    UNSUPPORTED - justforex.com is a scame broker

    dont trade with just forex i make deposit two time and make profit they removed my profit and block my account but my deposit amount is refunded this is big big scamer when u make profit they will block u and if u face loss will be happy
  5. P

    Abandoned: Withdrawals not processed by Justforex.com

    I have beein using Justforex.com for more than 2 years now. They always had minor issues with deposit and withdrawal processing, but usually they would fix that. For the past month serious issues started occurring and the support service seems unwilling to resolve them. Their clients site...
  6. R

    Abandoned Complaint. Justforex.com cleaned my account without notice

    Welcome to a broker called justforex.com first 2 months sunshine and rainbows there after they just took all my profit and gave me a mail stating I am doing fraudulent activities, and without notice all I had was gone. They clearly indicate that they dont have any restrictions on trading but...
  7. Jusuf_Haz

    JustForex just trying to use multis to just grab Exness clients.

    But I still don't understand why they leave. I also saw on Facebook (Link to multi's FB account removed.), that Exness clients from Malaysia can get really good benefits if they switch to JustForex. Maybe other brokers also have some promotions like that. Spam Cat knows you did more than "find"...
  8. A

    Discuss JustMarkets.com (was Justforex.com)

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