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    This is to inform that according to their Website, KayaFX is no longer owned by GammaTech Services OÜ but new by: AlphaTec LTD., Mazars House, Gelderd Road, LEEDS, England LS27 7JN See on first website page by scrolling down to the dark bar (the dark bar is characteristic!)
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    Early April 2018 I am contacted by James Dorn Zitzelsberger and his partner Philipp Schmidt and told that the boss of TraderVC had misappropriated all the clients' funds and is sitting in jail and that therefore my investment of 40.000 Euros made in 2017 had also disappeared. They told me that...
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    Hello everyone I'm Olga and I'm new in Forex Peace Army. I'm new to the forex market as well and I'm afraid I'm being cheated. I saw an ad on Facebook that with 250 eur we could earn some profits. As an adventurous I decided to create an account and deposit the 250 eur. I do not know how that...
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    KayaFX a big SCAM

    At KayaFX… I invested 250 Euro and I got a call from Jacob Greenber asking me to deposit more money and when I refused he dropped the call. I then got another call from Chris Anderson telling me about some big event and when I said I wanted my money back he dropped the call. I haven’t received...
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    can't withdraw from KayaFX

    I have a problem with this broker called KayaFX. After I have deposited and opened some trades, than I have found on the web a lot of complaints about them that is impossible to withdraw and that they login to your account and lose the funds with bad trades. After I seen these complaints I asked...
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    Problem KayaFx Scam

    I deposited EUR250 at KayaFX. The trouble started when I requested to withdraw. The "account manager" is harrassing me about depositing more money and is not processing my withdrawal. Now, they are not responding to my email, they hang up on me and they close all live chats I try to initiate...