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    Resolved - Scammed by KrugerExchange

    I am a victim of a scam. In the beginning of February I opened an account with Kruger Exchange and deposited £250 on their trading platform. I instantly received a call from one of their brokers called Michelle Suchi to introduce the company and say that I could not make any money with £250 but...
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    Scammed by Kruger Exchange

    Hi Forex Peace Army, I have now realised that I am a victim of a scam. I have been coerced into sending money to a stock exchange company which as a result has NOT used my money for what was agreed so scamming me out of my hard-earned money. I deposited money with the assurance that they would...
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    Kruger Exchange

    Don't deal with this company. I had to jump through 50 hoops just to register and to affirm their legimitacy, I asked to withdraw my funds, my account manager insisted I "had" to leave funds in so left £50 and weeks later nothing received. They now say they have paid me yet I have contacted my...
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    Resolved: Krugerexchange & toolstrade scammers beware

    Dear Friends, is a signal provider and asked to open account with which I deposited 250USD as per instructions to get access to free signals. Krugerexchange put lot of pressure to do trades and when I was going very slow to get a feel of it, they connected the...