1. PhoenixAdvisorsLtd

    Information about multiple brokers

    Dear Sirs and Madams, In this article we would like to mention multiple brokers which have ongoing Prosecutor’s investigation against them. Our company is currently representing clients in these ongoing investigations by one of the Prosecutor’s Offices in Poland against these particular...
  2. V

    ksf trading

    Hi,everibody!They got me by phone,and i did .deposit.Did not liked their art,requested withdrawal,no,i can not for 3 month.And then i can contact nobody.Now,for a weeks,my site its simply blocked,and i cant find a way ,to get in touch with anybody,just cut me off.Still having 300 euros on...
  3. D

    SCAMMED by KSF Trade

    Hi there. Recently (May/June 2016), I and my colleague got scammed by KSF Trade. We joined in after we were introduced by an unsuspecting individual. We were naïve enough to join after vigorous phone conversations with imposters called George Palys and Maxx Gebber. I put 500$ and my colleague...
  4. M

    KSF Trade

    Hi I am having a serious problem with the above mentioned broker. About two weeks ago I made a withdrawal of $500.00, a period of one week lapsed and the money was not deposited to my account. I enquirer with the guy who was assisting me verifying the account (Nick Fisher), he never replied to...
  5. orlandobrasil


    Você investiu em corretor sunbirdfx, ter muito cuidado porque sei dois altamente pega as pessoas nesta empresa. David Enkin que é um Borker e gerente de contas de Paula Moura. Eles trabalham juntos e derreter todo o seu dinheiro. São ladrões forex mundo. Por favor, deixe os denuncia. Eu tenho...
  6. T

    KSFtrade: anyone have any experience with them?

    I will receive an 'offer' from this new broker on the block: http://www.ksftrade.com/. Does anyone have any experience with them? At the moment I use FXCM for Forex but I am looking into an alternative. The thing that concerns me a bit is that their website is fairly new, and it is only...
  7. Nursultan

    Scammer KSFTrade

    Dear All, I suggest do not contact with any brokers from KSFTrade, they're already cheat more than thousands of people with scam way,I'm a student 23 years old, I was them with KSFTrade about 2 month, first time was unbelievable then I try to withdraw from my deposit account KSFTrade's...
  8. orlandobrasil


    Prezados senhores, eu sou uma vítima da corretora ksftrade.com Depois eu descobri que este corretor é regulamentada ficou assustada porque meu dinheiro está preso e eu não sei desenhar. Enviei vários e-mails e eles não me respondes. Após 60 dias, eles decidiram me dar apenas uma pequena parte do...
  9. O

    Please Help with KSF Trade

    Dear Sir My story begins when I received a huge telephone calls from KSF where they trying to convince me to invest in the stocks after many tries I agreed and my broker name was Mohammed Amin and actually everything went smoothly and good we had a good profits and he asked me many times to...
  10. P

    Ksftrade scam

    Ksftrade contacted me in Dec/2014 by their manager Valeria Scotti. The convinced me to deposit 6500 euro. In 27th/may Mrs Valeria dismissed from Ksftrade. Then I asked them to release my money and make a reimbursement. Until now, nothing happen. They didn't answer me by phone and by e-mail.
  11. ruseneca

    HeroOptions.com Is a Scam, Boiler Room

    This is security warning against one of the binary options companies which operates in the UK - HeroOptions The platform is operated by Marshall Advanced Innovation LTD. which is famous of being a boiler room. The FCA UK had issued a warning against that company on 27 April 2015 for being...