Hi All, scam me. They deduct both Profit and Deposit. Please see attachment for more clear.
  2. T Scam Alert

    Hello I am Facing Problem related to my withdraw in I start trading few weeks ago and then after few weeks i made good profit . i deposited above 3000 USD in their Mt4 Live Account. then i started trading and made profits in few weeks. After that i made a withdrawal request...
  3. L

    LAND-FX New Zealand: Can not withdraw deposit and profit! - Scam signal

    Dear friends, My name is Le Thi Hau I am sharing my bad experience on LAND-FX, headquarter in New Zealand and many Countries. I hope to receive your support to solve the issue. Thank for your view and support in advance. Here is the detail: In November 2014, I opened trading account in...
  4. D

    land-fx big scam

    I deposit to Land-fx, i don't trade, but i can't withdraw my deposits. Please help me!
  5. N

    No withdraw my deposits from Land-fx

    Landfx delete profit and not for me to withdraw deposits. Please help me everyone!
  6. N

    Land-fx scam and delete my account history

    I am an IB Land-fx. Land-fx did not let me withdraw money and delete my account history. Land-fx scam me and my clients. Please help me !!
  7. L

    Land-FX is scamer. Help me!!!!!!!!!!! scam me. They deduct both Profit and Deposit. Please see attachment for more clear.
  8. C

    LAND-FX didn't resolve my request withdraw money. Help me everyone!!!

    Hi everyone, I'm a IB of LAND-FX.COM, and i have more than 200 clients in my IB. LAND-FX allow me to deposit and withdraw for my clients by using Internal Transfer. a) I deposited into my IB account 166 591$ b) More than 100 clients traded and lost all the money in their accounts. c) 41...
  9. A


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