1. Siro-Kuro

    LCG has my deposit. $ 500

    My deposit $ 500 has been stolen by LCG. My complaint was posted on FPA and e-mail was sent from LCG. LCG explains to me that the system malfunction is the cause. I am preparing to report to LCG's Financial Supervisory Authority. ●Financial Conduct Authority(FCA UK)...
  2. M

    LCG scammed me

    Hi, In november I did deposit of 1500€ to a mt4 LCG account: 5036180. I traded for about one month and I made with about 2k profit. No scalping, latency arbitrage or other things like this. Just trend trades with my own strategy. When I tried to withdrawal from my account the broker, even if...
  3. A

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