learn forex

  1. Y

    I wanna learn forex trading

    Hello! I wanna learn forex trading and I would like to ask all the experienced traders here to give me some clues on how to/where to start learning from.
  2. LeonRocky

    Best places to learn Forex.

    What are peoples best places to learn Forex trading FPA Forums Team Note: This thread is in Beginners Bootcamp, a folder that specifically prohibits commercial recommendations. Please confine answers to free resources. Enforced by Spam Cat.
  3. J

    Which broking software would a pro use?

    Hi all, Newbie intros aside, I've been looking into Forex (and commodity) trading, and whats involved. One thing I think I've found is that there's a big difference between a Forex broker and a Forex trader. To me, a broker works for a financial company and trades on behalf of someone else...
  4. J

    fxlivedaytrading - Live Trading Room 90 Day Challenge

    Hello Traders, We are announcing our 90 day challenge progress report with our live trading room and our forex signals. We are almost done with our first month. Here is the first video for the trading challenge review. We will start to post most trades this week. Here is our Forex Trading...
  5. F

    This Is It, Trading Just Got Personal

    Built by traders for traders, Forex Razor - offering free trading tools with a focus on maximum precision and transparency – has released its industry-first, customizable home-page dashboard. A very easy-to-use custom start page, ForexRazor.com is the first online forex training platform to...