1. Mark kikata

    Scammed by legALbitcoinmining

    Hello I got scammed by a company called after I had invested $2000, and checked their reviews since I had a feeling I was being scammed I texted the woman who introduced me to it and then when she saw the reviews she blocked me both on WhatsApp and Instagram. That’s how I...
  2. K

    Hello, So a few weeks ago to today I started working with a crypto trader who was a broker. She gave me some options to buy bitcoin and the amounts I can get back when the coin starts growing on her platform. Started with 200. Tried to withdraw it from her platform on and...
  3. M : Scam alerts

    Hey Admin I really need your help. I invested $2200 in this company called under a broker who was managing my account and later I got some funds in my account $10750 as profits but if I try to withdraw it says pending for like a week now. I tried to email them they said I...