1. Bagitotrader

    Any Prop firm like Traders With Edge?

    Any prop firm funded traders here? What do you think of an option where you can customize your account? customize your drawdown, leverage and even increase your profit split? Is it good?
  2. S

    ic markets leverage and free margin problems

    i have 3k acount in icmarkets but my leverage is very low i put only some lots and its show me zero free margin for another trade i am using ic more then 2 years but now i wants to leave icmarkets forever for this leverage new policy check my screenshot of ic scams
  3. Dutchy86


    What is a good amount of leverage to look for?
  4. ciheg30

    Searching Looking for brokers who offer high leverage for UK clients

    Hi there, this is my first post but I am not new to FPA. I often spend my time reading the reviews and checking forum debates etc. My question is this, I'm from the UK and due to ESMA rules, brokers in the UK can only offer 1:30 leverage on major FX pairs. Can anyone in this forum recommend...
  5. D

    Searching U.K. broker that offers 500:1 leverage

    Hi there everyone! I’m looking for a regulated broker within the U.K. that offers 500:1 leverage live trading account. One that’s highly recommended with zero scam alerts. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Maybe drop a link below? Many thinks in advance darren
  6. Nimo2006

    A journey to discover the true limits of Forex brokers !

    Shortly : 1- What the maximum withdrawal amount in $ you did or any other retail trader you may know did from a Forex broker .. screen shoots will be welcome after hiding the identity data? 2- Shall it a good idea if Forex peace army community requests the Forex authorities regulators / brokers...
  7. C

    Brexit Election Variable Leverage Scam - FPMarkets

    In the last three days leading up to the UK General Election I was trading Oil and Eur/USD with your highly recommended broker FPMarkets. I managed to build up my account mainly through trading Brent Oil to around £25,000 see attachment below. Simultaneously I also trade with several other...
  8. S

    New Leverage Restrictions?

    I can't get a clear understanding of the new leverage rules from European brokers, as I can't find clear definitions. I read that Cysec regulated brokers default will be 1:50, however you have to prove suitability for higher leverage, FCA brokers seem to me to be offering max 1:50 and that's...
  9. C

    The Lowdown on Drawdown

    Because i'm forever being dq'd from the demo contests at forex razor (given their focus on account equity) because I keep exceeding drawdown limit, I am posting this to myself, really, because then it has to be clear to me - and hopefully some of you - what it is i'm on about ... Right...