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    Problem Libertex

    Señores Libertex Quería explicarles lo que ha sucedido para que espero no le vuelva a pasar a nadie más y tomen las acciones respectivas ya que atentan contra la buena fe de las personas que confían en su compañía y sus asesores. 1. Yo me inscribí con un monto pequeño por qué desde el...
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    Resolved: SCAM LIBERTEX

    Hi everyone im miguel sorry for my English if is not the best. so i recently open an account with libertex did a couple of trades and i made some gains but when i try to withdraw my funds....they just ignoring me .....before all of this they used to answers me via telegram when i had a some...
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    Resolved - FxClub/Libertex unable to withdraw my funds

    This is regarding the issue I'm facing with FxClub (aka Libertex). I've been trading with these guys for almost two years (March 2016). I traded without problems making profit and even they allowed me to make a withdrawal once. Two months ago on Oct 17, I placed a withdrawal request which was...