lion fx fund

  1. P

    Don't invest in “Lion Fund”

    This is another scam by Fortress Fx Fund and Knight Capital Markets , don’t invest money, it’s just a new name with same old strategy. Their advert shows “Managed Fx Fund +4600% - "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."
  2. inveus

    Lion Fund - Do not invest, money is lost!

    I invested EUR 10.000 in Lion Fund: They offer " Unparalleled Trading. Disciplined Risk Management." via their Broker Knight Capital. From the beginning I monitored the trades in MT4, just 2 positions, EUR/USD long and USD/CAD short. No stop loss, no risk or...

    Hello, this "fund" is another round of scam that was previously held under Pages are the same, broker is the same, and the scam will be the same. Look for more informations about previous SCAM at, how they defrauded client's money in one day...
  4. C


    I received an email from Lionfxfund showing excellent trading results. It said they were proven, so I followed the links and sure enough everything seemed fine. I am a trader myself but had never achieved such results. I invested GBP 30,000 of my own money into the Lionfxfund, using Knight...
  5. G

    Lion fund scam

    Lion fund is completely scam. Up to yesterday my account bal was usd 9k+, and open trades was making good profit, i ask them a few times to close in profit, which they failed to do and today they close it under pretext of brexit and create huge loss until it wipe out account . They also posted...