1. phunnycuwiit

    unyu unyu vs Liteforex

    I am submitting the case against: Forex Trading : Top Forex Broker : LiteForex My Case is: my team made any deposit i got bonus and traded normaly without any problems my team traded it normally, but any error in 2 account after first withdrawal, 2 account can't open position "off quotes"...
  2. M&Z

    Resolved - Please help

    Hello FPA i opened an account at lite forex i deposited this account yesterday 400 USD i got 120 USD bonus i opened positions at EURJPY and left it more than 6 hours for hit TP after it i earned and i had 1187 USD i made withdrawal request for 1067 ( 1187 - 120 <bonus> = 1067 ) all...
  3. P

    Liteforex Scam

    I trade with liteforex but this guys have just proven to be nothing but scam.this brokers closed my positive hedged positions and caused my margin to go red. this caused me to loose my other positions one after the other because there was nothing i could do when the trend was against me. when i...
  4. J

    pleas fpa help me with liteforex they are scam

    pleas help me with liteforex Yesterday liteforex canceled my orders which made profit about 2157 $$ because the orders didn't exceed 2 minutes two of the order exceed the two minutes they took tow minutes and 50 second they took my money trading account 187539 . then they blocked my account...
  5. T

    Liteforex disable account and cancel profit without explanation.

    i need your help. I have problems with LiteForex broker. I do trading at LiteForex. My profile has been verified. I had already been done many times withdrawal process. but on the 2nd of April, I did a withdrawal process. and LiteForex, without explanation canceled...
  6. R

    Lite Forex (Straighthold Investment Group) - illegal collected funds

    ! Highest level of caution for trading with Liteforex (Straighthold Investment Group) ! I was a customer of Lite Forex. At first I was happy with the services of this company. The problems appeared when I have send my first “test” withdrawal request. Below the history of my contacts with...
  7. B

    LiteForex cancelled my profit

    I'm not trading on the news, because there was no news. but why LiteForex take my profit?
  8. L

    Stop trade with liteforex,they will remove your profit

    Stop trade with liteforex,they will remove your profit Stop trade with liteforex,I have accout MT4 -F-74262. very hard made $3000+ profit, when i very happy try withdrwal these profit, they remove my $2147 profit,they send me email said i break the 6.8, but below attachment images you can see...
  9. F

    Lite forex scam

    I have been scammed by liteforex. Someone help me I have been trading with liteforex for years and i have had bad experiences with them. Some years back i had faced issues of them withdrawing my money for no reason other than the fact that i made successful trades and closed positions in less...
  10. A

    Liteforex scam, non-market price

    I will explain the bad experience I had with liteforex which resulted into losing my capital, this was either because of their irresponsibility, or the fact that they cheat and present non-market prices or both. On Friday 15.03 close, according to MT log, I had two main trades, one EURJPY sell...
  11. S

    Liteforex Scam - close my open trade without my consent and forfeit the profit

    My Name: Soo Tat account: 52340 Beware that Liteforex starting to join the SCAM BROKER FAMILY. They just close my open trade without my consent and forfeit the profit I gain from the trade they closed. My trade was open at server time 2011.08.22 14:09 buy eurusdx 1.44280. At the time...
  12. mrparag

    LiteForex Refused to give my profit!!!

    I have deposited $15 to LiteForex. According rules I have received $15+$30 =$45 bonus. I have traded and got profit. When I have requested for withdraw LiteForex refused to give me my profit.They reversed there bonus and cancel my profit.
  13. D

    Liteforex disable my account

    hello my name : dinansyah ferdi MY account why my account disable MT4 -R-180315 I've done the process of withdraw from these accounts. but, why my account disable? I get this email "Your profile is in live queue for investigation due to unit 4.3. of our terms of use: "4.3...
  14. L

    liteforex...scam broker

    they cancel all of my profit from 2 acc... i have 2 acc, but never open opposite order between my account... they say.... ILLEGAL PROFIT .... but they cannot give me clear clarification about my illegal profit...just talk like a cock and blame their client without evidence... email from litefx...
  15. A

    liteforex is the biggest scam

    hello i open 3 accounts with lite forex first 1 i deposit 700 $ and i lost the money and am sore they was very happy the second one i deposit 500 $ and lost it too, the third one i deposit 700 $ then i start making some profit then i withdrawal 700 $ and trade again and make make profit again...
  16. Y

    Liteforex is a big scam broker

  17. M

    liteforex scam warning

    Good morning •Actually I need to talk about my experience with liteforex company to advice all my friends here to avoid this company...I started trading forex since 2004 and I have wide experience in forex trading so I met one of my close friend in Malaysia he told me about this company...
  18. T

    lite forex company is big SCAM and cheat

    this is all history Straighthold Investment Group, Inc. Account: 879897 Name: le thi kim nga Currency: USD 2012 October 24, 17:05 Closed Transactions: Ticket Open Time Type Size Item Price S / L T / P Close Time Price Commission Taxes Swap Profit 1427726307 2012.09.30 06:59 balance...
  19. W

    Liteforex scam scam scam

    I have the same problem. but i only have 1 account. my account MT4 -L-881785 I signed up on LiteForex with the original id, and I've done uploading data to match, so my account has been verified. I made ​​a profit of $ 37. and suddenly my profits canceled, without giving an...
  20. M

    Liteforex scam!!

    Hi all, I've been trading with Liteforex since months ago. Win and lose are kind of common in forex as a trader. On 3 weeks ago, I've made a profits of USD2749.20. As usual, I proceed with withdrawal. I waited for 3 days and they give me no response. Until the next day, they replied me with...