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    I-coin, citrex,

    Hi everybody! I have a same issue with these companies, i-coin, citrex,, as other members posted here like Lorand Borzasi, and I've get lost. I had the same scenario but the difference is that I have no experience in trading at all, thus I was a potential victim for them. All I...
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    Problem Live and scam alert

    Hi guys, I am writing here too so more and more people will know about the operatiation system oft this company Ventura Communications LTD. They work under the and platforms (as far as we know) the scam method is the same for all clients, same thing happened to my...
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    RESOLVED I got scammed by

    Hello, I don't know if is the right place to report a cryptocurrency trading platform scam. I don't expect them to return my equity , but if i can worn any future clients about dealing with them then i am happy. Is it the right place to post this?