low cost forex

  1. G


    I opened an ECN pro account with this broker at the suggestion of an Expert Advisor called EverestEA, which pushed me to make other deposits for a MAM account. I did this. At some point however, I realized that the broker and mine and they knew each other and on August 30, 2017 I asked the...
  2. mikekhod

    LowCostForex SCAM

    SO far itsb been almost 20 days since i cant login to my lowcostforex.com account. I can use MT4 BUT thats the only thing. I have proof of all emails, they are relaxed about it, see below: This is only part of it. I have reached out many other emaisl. This is crazy and they are like...oh...
  3. T

    Lowcostforex.com : Looks like a scam, my withdrawals are not yet sent

    Hello FPA. My case: I opened an account with Lowcostforex early this year and I made a deposit with them worth 5k USD on March 12, 2016 (see attached). Then, there is a sudden turn of events (I got hospitalized) and that I would need to withdraw all of my funds 10 days later, and lowcostforex...