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  1. J

    Problem MTrading does not allow me to withdraw my balance

    My number account has 68896958 recently been blocked for no apparent reason as do not break any of the broker's rules. All my trades were opened through an EA that plots pending orders. When requesting the withdrawal of funds from my account they are denied without any explanation. I sent...
  2. T


    I placed a withdrawal from my trading account since 08/12/2015 and the funds were taken from my trading account but is yet to be credited to my Bank account. I have made withdrawals in the past and it took 1 or 2 business days to get my funds. I spoke to their customer service officer who told...
  3. S

    Mtrading scams . Please don't join Mtrading .

    Hello , I am a new member of this Forum . I have traded in Mtrading Forex Broker form Bangladesh . Their Bangladesh Customer Support is the best to me . They are giving me a great guideline and They all have changed my forex life . Thats why i joined Mtrading to stay with them . all were...
  4. askzf

    Resolved: Mtrading treating with NO withdrawal and NO reply

    Hello, does anyone here using Mtrading, I tried to do my withdrawal of only 3000USD to the bank account(not a credit card), but failed, the system keep saying: the ammount is larger than allowed. I tried to contact the site, but no mail reply for over 1 week(several mail sent), phone number...