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    Daily Market Analysis By FXOpen

    Dear Forum Members! Here you can find Daily Market Analysis of Forex, Cryptocurrency, Indexes, Metals, Oil and others. We hope that this information will be helpful for your trading. Best Regards FXOpen Team
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    Daily Market Analysis from

    General analysis USDJPY for 16.05.2022 Current Dynamics Japan's current account surplus decreased by 22.3%. Net profit of Japanese companies from the top list of the Tokyo Stock Exchange increased by 35.6% by the result of the year. Bank of Japan does not plan to change its monetary policy...
  3. fullertonmarkets

    Think Deeper! Sell-Off Driven By Russia-Ukraine Conflict Is An Excuse

    Is the stock sell-off all about Russia and Ukraine? The current geopolitical threat is casting a psychological shadow over the markets and becoming an excuse for investors to resist taking on more risks, despite lower prices almost across the board. Wall Street is contending with the...
  4. fullertonmarkets

    Why Wall Street Loves Dollar Now?

    The road to higher Treasury yields finally appears to be clearing up as the Fed edges closer to ending emergency pandemic policies. This is certainly good news to the greenback. After being stagnant for months, 10-year Treasury yields broke through the top of a range held since mid-July...
  5. fullertonmarkets

    10 Key Factors You Need to Know About the FOMC Meeting

    The Fed said that it will “soon” start tapering its asset purchases, with Powell indicating that it could start in November and end in mid-2022. Powell also reiterated that the central bank will most likely wait until the end of the tapering process before raising interest rates. The FOMC voted...
  6. fullertonmarkets

    Dollar Expected to Rebound from Jobs Data This Week

    Currency traders are watching this week’s US unemployment rate for cues on the greenback’s path after it retreated from a two-month high against the yen. The currency pair declined as better-than-expected US core PCE inflation data for April failed to push Treasury yields higher. USD/JPY’s...

    Market analysis by Fibo Group

    Market analysis by Fibo Group analysts
  8. Mark Mc Donnell1

    Forex Blogs VIDEO - Forex Market Analysis With Parallel and Inverse Pairs

    Analyzing multiple pairs with one common currency will give you a huge advantage over using technical indicators on individual pairs. In this video you will learn how to analyze one currency for strength or weakness to give you a reliable technique to analyze any pair or prepare a trading plan...
  9. Mark Mc Donnell1

    New Forex Stuff Forex Market Analysis Spreadsheet

    Our forex market analysis spreadsheet is a professional tool which allows traders or currency managers to analyze individual currencies. You can determine which currencies are strong or weak to assist with trend analysis and preparing trading plans for 28 pairs and 8 currencies. Here is more...
  10. fullertonmarkets

    All Eyes on Aussie Dollar During Easter Week

    With China’s Q1 GDP forecast within government range and RBA meeting minutes to reiterate central bank’s wait stance, AUD/USD could rise higher. This week will be a short week, with major financial markets closing on Friday for the start of Easter holidays. We usually see a burst of activity...
  11. fxstrategist

    The USD/CAD in a bearish channel

    On the daily chart of the USDCAD we can see that the pair has been in a bearish channel since late June. Every time the pair tried to rally, the upper boundary of the channel kept the price to the downside. Now the USDCAD is at the 1.3000 level, which could act as support. Below the 1.3000...
  12. Alex P - AAA Trade

    Daily Technical Analysis from AAATrade

    AUD/USD Market Scenario 1: Long positions above 0.7230 with targets @ 0.7275 & 0.7299 Market Scenario 2: Short positions below 0.7230 with targets @ 0.7206 & 0.7161 Comment: Aussie during yesterday’s session broke through its recent high at 0.7250 against US Dollar and closed the day at...
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    Market Reports and Trade Recommendations by FXPRIMUS

    Dear Traders, We at FXPRIMUS wants to provide a Safest place to trade for our client. In doing so, we always provide our clients with the best market reports and trade recommendations. Our Senior Economist, Jimmy Zhu helps our clients understands the current market trend and keep them up...
  14. moneytree123

    Weekly analysis by BOAFX Trading Signal Solutions

    AUD/USD There has been a long term downtrend on the AUD/USD but there seems to be a strong support level creeping in 0.9058 which is the same level seen in the centre of the double bottom pattern between July and September. Although there is still momentum for this to reach the 0.9000 level...
  15. Forex Mind Games

    Market analysis and trading calls

    AUDUSD is forming a nice Elliott Wave bullish pattern. I believe we are currently in wave 4, which is a corrective or counter-trend wave. One thing about Elliott Wave trading is that the wave counts require constant re-adjusting. To solve this inherent issue, I prefer to use Elliott Wave trading...