market maker

  1. idk77

    CFD orders and stp ndd brokers.

    hi sorry if my question is somehow naive the institutional banks trade actual currency in the forex spot although they trade online right? so with a huge amount of money they can move the market. but for retailers, they just trade CFD or futures and in CFD they buy or sell to the market maker...
  2. FXTradingRevolution

    Dirty Practices of Brokers that Cost You Profits

    Based on the research, and hundreds of extensive tests of forex retail brokers around the world of the FX Trading Revolution team, we have discovered that approximately 98% of retail brokers don’t have any interest in profitable clients. And this is the main reason why so many traders lose money...
  3. A

    ACFX Live STP Competition - Win the Jackpot

    ACFX presents a new innovative and exciting trading contest. This is an amazing live account competition from ACFX will be held exclusive with live STP accounts with the minimum deposit of $2000! Unlike the contests held by our rivals, there is no lucky draw or anything, it is your skill and...