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    Buckle Up, Tapering Storm Is Coming!

    Investors retreated from US stocks on Friday, dumping shares held in large technology companies and sending the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite Index sharply lower. The Nasdaq closed down 1.9%, as a mixed US jobs report was seen as paving the way for more hawkish monetary policy, which would lead...
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    Prepare for High Volatility as the Fed Meeting Is Coming!

    It’s a currency seasonality thing for sure: the market gets calmer in June, only for price action to turn more volatile in July to August. It seems like 2021 could be another year that the Fed is going to take charge here. As the Fed begin its two-day meeting on 27 July, the Bank of England...
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    Inflation Concerns May Become Dollar’s Friend

    The inflation proves to be a short-term spike that should resolve itself as the economy returns to something like normal. However, short-term inflation can become self-fulfilling if the Fed loses credibility, because then, inflation expectations will lose their anchor to its 2% target. No matter...
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    Dollar’s Weakness Is Not Likely to Persist

    The dollar has slipped this month as the Federal Reserve stuck to its message that it won’t raise interest rates soon, despite forecasts that the U.S. economy will recover faster than its peers. The greenback is down more than 1% against the currencies of its biggest trading partners so far in...