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    Masterforex/ not sending me the funds

    Hi there have not remitting me back the funds as the funds in my question which remain with their payment processor for more than 5 to 6 months of time due to an technical issue of charge back. I have produced my bank letter/card statement transaction details etc to...
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    RESOLVED Application for retrieval of fund from the deleted MasterForex account

    I have an account with Master Forex with the sum of $216 (Two Hundred and sixteen USD) which according them has been deleted from their database without notification of any kind. I noticed this while trying to login because after several unsuccessful attempts I contacted the technical crew for a...
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    Masterforex didnt pay referral commission. Scam ??

    I have been trying to be Masterforex affiliate and introduce Master forex. Since the first time I didnt trust Masterforex Broker, but for some reason my client forced me to become their affiliate so they could register under me. One of my biggest suspicion is they always hide client's NAME...
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    **** want to scam my profit *****

    Hello, I have real account in (242205) i have been traded on 24/11/2010 and 25/11/2010 on gold but they cancelled all of my trade .i have traded on gold when is pressuered under USD price ,thanksgivingDay and north korea attack .i have simple trade sell on highe price but...