mb trading

  1. DojiStar

    MBTrading slipage in limit orders...

    Slipage of 2-3 pips in limit orders execution is becoming a common practice in MB Trading. I 've been trading with MBT for more than 2 years...
  2. R

    Resolved - MBT trading do not care

    Their software malfunctioned in a way that caused me a monetary loss: "MBT Desktop Pro" failed to close my orders and/or liquidate positions despite confirming to me that I have done that and was flat. However next day I have found out that I had opened positions overnite. They were not visible...
  3. G

    Mb Trading == Worst Broker Of The Year

    MB TRADING I am disgusted by this broker after numerous problems with their platform, I decided to change brokers. the 13/04 I asked for a Withdraw wire. After 20 days I have NOT received my money yet. (deposit via bank wire only took 1 day). I sent numerous emails, contacted the...
  4. S

    mbtrading.com (MB Trading)

    I have heard pretty good reviews about MB Trading on this and other wbsites as well. For thos of you who trade with MB Trading, what type of charting software do you use? Thanks Slimjim
  5. OzWizard

    MB Trading

    Read my other posts.... ...... and look at my TRADEs I am now posting!! ANSWER = FX Futures! OZ in Kyiv! :D