mfx broker

  1. L

    MFX Broker stopped paying

    hi.dera FPA.I am writing you from the Republik of are more than 300 people who put their money in MFX BROKER.from December of 2016 they stoped to pay us.we also take a layer.please help us.what we can do.we talking about big money.if all over the world knows that this company is...
  2. fxsorof

    Mfx Broker Scam Broker.

    Hi, i am sorof uddin from Bangladesh. My mfx broker user id : sorof Client id :: 1768. I made a withdraw 14th September . They didn't check my withdraw . as they didn't check my withdraw , then i canceled my withdraw after 1 week later , and i made it again 22th September . And finally i...
  3. A

    MFX Broker stop paying to clients for three months

    I requested a withdrawal in July,but MFX Broker didn't process my request.MFX said that there was a technical problem and they cloud not process the withdrawal request,they would try their best to solve the problem .But the problem is going on after three months, the live chat nither answer...
  4. L

    MFX Broker Dont Allow Client to withdraw upon deposit matured

    Yesterday, I had two deposits that i invested into MFX broker matured, total amount is USD9000, today I put it into my wallet to withdraw. They dont allow. Below is the message that came out. When I did the investment one year ago, there was no mentioned at all in their agreement there is any...
  5. K

    MFX Broker (Master Services Inc) - Serious Withdrawal Problems!

    I have invested with Master Services Inc, in their investment program since August 18th 2015. I started to have issues on withdrawal of my money starting July 2016. On July 1st, I requested a withdrawal of USD2128.04 but then they gave me reason about their banks asking them for...
  6. L

    MFX ( Master Services) REFUSE TO PAY CUSTOMER

    I have started to invest in Master Services since 13 Sept 2015 in their investment program that give 3% return every month. . As of today, my total deposit in Master services is over USD 100K. I started to experience withdrawal problem since July 23 2016 when i requested USD 3500 withdrawal, I...
  7. H

    Withdrawal problem with MFXbroker for Chinese clients

    I‘m from china,i‘m not good at English,i’d like to tell everyone something about Mfx , all the Chinese clients can‘t withdraw or deposit since Jun by UnionPay,Mfx said there was some technical problem and they worked hard to solve it,everything seems to be going just fine when they said final...
  8. P

    Withdrawal problem with MFXbroker

    Hello, I have problem with MFXbroker. I requested withdrawal 34 days ago. Amount is about 20k euro. Withdrawal request is still pending. I contacted to them. Ten days ago they said the delays are cause by technical problem. But they did not say when they solve the problem. My request is not...