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    Integrammg scam !

    I have been scammed by this guys , they was working under the name MidasGlobe and now they called me and tried to steal my money again under different name Integrammg , this guys we take all of your money without blinking. I read in the forum that they operate from Ukraine and Israel , i hop...
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    Midas Globe Scam Operate From Ukraine Kiev And Tel Aviv

    I have been scammed by midas globe company , they took from me around $8000 . Every time I tried to withdraw money I got another excuse , the first thing i did after i realized its a scam is to call my credit card company and my bank and made a charge back of all the deposits i made to this scam...
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    Scammer and cheaters Midasglobe.com and Pairsindexpro.com

    Midasglobe has been introduced to me by a robot provider(Pairsindexpro.com) as the best regulated and most honest forex broker. They offered to me a free robot service if I open a live account this broker (midasglobe.com). Pairsindexpro told me that they are partnering with midasglobe . I was...