1. Mark Mc Donnell1

    Forex Blogs Trend, Current Momentum and Price Target

    You need 3 key components for every profitable forex trade. What is the main trending time frame (should be H4 or larger), is there current momentum (?) to move the pair higher or lower so you can move your stop order to breakeven, and what is your price target for scaling out lots. This...
  2. Bulletproof Traders

    GBP/USD - Positive momentum is off the charts

    GBP/USD - Positive momentum is off the charts
  3. J

    Momentum Money Team

    DO NOT sign up with Momentum Money Team, they are scammers, you sign up on telegram and they make you pay 1000 USD for fraud signals, I personally know one of the individuals running it, and he is no good. Please everyone do not trust them and report if you can.