1. A

    Is there anyone who relay recover money from a scam?

    I am looking for a recovery company what is not asking me for any upfront money to help me to recover my lost from a scam Forex trader. If anyone know a genuine company doing this please contact me. I am not interested in the one looking for up front money because I don't have any more money to...
  2. tradepheonix

    GBPUSD about to head South Amidst BREXIT Fears?

    Looks like it's at the top of the weekly range at around 1.45 lots of resistance there, what do you guys think?
  3. F

    Forex Performance Tests - How to Avoid Pitfalls?

    Hi, While learning the Forex, I want to try Forex Expert Advisor or Managed Account. Even if the proft is small, it's to put my money to make som ROI passively, instead of having them on my bank. In the performance tests; from the ForexVerified website, they say that one should look for these...