1. joshuadrafter

    Manipulation in ATFX (can we get the money back if the account is manipulated)

    Im using a copy trade account in atfx copy trade, and i have a friend that i have copied that is using ATFX as the trading flatform, Yesterday I was shocked to see a morethat 60% loss in profit which is unlikely to happen normally so i asked my provider what happened, He explained that he tried...
  2. Binit choudhury

    I m trying to withdraw money from octa fx and it's pending yet .

    I m worried cause I tried to withdrawal and it's pending and there's no response of octafx OctaFX Rep pls help @OctaFX Rep Withdrawal request No. W6644616 . help pls
  3. Ahmad.qtr

    trading for years without making money

    Hello I have been trading for 6 years without any luck I have had several mentors but no one actually gave me the proper knowledge on how to trade anyone can guide me to a mentor who can really develop me step by step in order to become a good trader
  4. kseniyashoes

    IG stole my money!!!

    IG has stolen money my account is DW6VV i had deposit 2500$ and i earned 2359$ profit at first they did not return my money, so i sent around 15 withdrawal requests and after those 15 requests- they cancelled my profit!!! now they send to me some messages about breaking the agreement, but when...
  5. Quancan9xvn

    Have any of you played LeadDeer and have withdrawn money yet?

    As Tittle. :(
  6. The Punisher

    Scammers Published Handbook (aka Kill Pig Plate 杀猪盘)

    There is a published handbook in China for how these scams work and the handbook is actually used by most of the scam companies reported on FPA. Please take a few minutes to read these articles and they show step by step what the individuals are taught for scamming your money (the articles are...
  7. ManzilFX

    G7FX NV £3K Mentorship exposed as another Scam to make more money

    If you haven't seen my review on G7FX, please check it out here. Proven NV and G7FX as a scammer with evidence - Please also check out reviews by BennyFlippin and Kevmc on FPA...
  8. J

    I lost my money with fund manager Jessica Barnes

    lost my money with this scam broker they will ask you to start with a credit card than ask for more money after showing you a profit to your ac ,they will call you trying to get you to deposit more money after showing a profit in your ac but that is you try to withdraw ,you get...
  9. S

    Chances of me getting my money back?

    Hello guys i been looking at this forum for last few days and joined now. So i deposited 3000 with a broker with debit card 1 month ago since then i made around 7000 profit last week i asked for a withdrawal they said they could not withdraw since they will have less to trade with etc im now...
  10. cobar53

    Money Back Ltd Real and Legit?

    Hi All I was scammed by Titan Trade for quite a bit Recently a firm called Money Back Ltd has approached me claiming they can get my money back. Has anyone anthing to say about these people?
  11. M

    Illona c balashova and her company cryptobitza are scam and they dont send the profits and keep on asking to pay more money for fees

    I invested with 200 and upgraded to 500$ and she said 20% commission 10% for her and 10% for the company and I had to pay her and she kept on asking for fees to wire the money to my account and I ended up paying almost 3500$ just for fees and it's never ending she lies all the time