1. TarryFaster

    Beware of FinFX!

    Late last month, October 23rd to be exact, I opened and was manually managing a Sell trade on the EURJPY pair. A few days later, my wife hurt herself and I had to rush her to the local clinic and in the panic process, I overlooked placing a Stop on that trade. Of course, when I came back the...
  2. seth blackstone

    FinFx - Skrill MoneyBookers - Ally Bank Sorry Situation NEED HELP!

    Here is the story ... :mad: I have a Forex trading account with "FinFx Oy" in Finland, I am happy with the broker (sort of), they have never given me any reason to doubt their operations. I have had this account for a number of years (since 2010). I always deposit money into the...
  3. T

    Resolved - ioption

    I was told my funds would be processed straightaway yesterday HOWEVER it was not. Only the initial funds, $250 has refunded, BUT, not with the money I WON which comes to $773.45. I am now wondering if this is a scam, because it seems to me that the cash out process is always pending and is not...
  4. R

    whats going on with Vantage FX and Moneybookers ?

    I am here to tell u very Worst Situation in my Forex Business Life. I have just Started Forex trading with Vantage FX from Start of this Month December. One of the most Important Reason was to join in Vantage that, They are FSA Regulated and Good Customer Service. Thinked that we will make...
  5. A (Was

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  6. M

    Moneybookers a.k.a. Skrill are scammers.

    Here is how the scam works: You can open Moneybookers a.k.a. Skrill in matter of seconds. You can deposit money to Moneybookers a.k.a. Skrill from any source/broker with no problem. (so you think GOOD) However, you can't withdraw your funds. They will pretend that they are complying...