1. shanmugapradeep

    [MQL4 Coding Help] How to write If-else sequence in MQL4

    Hello, What is correct way to add if else statement. Type 1 : if (TradingAccountType == "Demo") { UserTradeAccount = "Active"; } else { if (TradingAccountNumber == "" && TradingAccountName == "") { UserTradeAccount = "Active"; } else { if (TradingAccountNumber == TradingAccountNumberAuto ||...
  2. E

    Searching MQL4 Test

    Hello everybody here First I want to wish you a happy new year 2021! May all your efforts pay! Second I want to introduce myself. I m an after work part time trader with several years of experience. At the moment I try to automate all my strategies. For this I found a good programmer. He has...
  3. G

    Services Offered EA programmer -

    Do you want to automate your trading strategy? I have been a professional programmer for 20 years and programming for Metatrader the last 5 years. More info at MR. METATRADER