1. T

    MT4 under Wine

    Hi there, There is a cheap VPS using a Linux OS which looks good but do folks have issues with running MT4 under wine ??? Comments appreciated.
  2. C


    TRENDSMACRO.NET ASCANA GROUP FOREX SCAMMERS.... STAY AWAY. Personas in this scammer Mike Schwarz, Olivia Weber.
  3. T

    Weird issue with MT4 Backtest

    Hi there, I have just backtested three pairs and began the forth pair. The optimiser begins OK with two or three passes, then, all following passes return a zero result. I know the data is OK, and I have reinstalled MT4 from scratch. The first three pairs were EUR USD, EUR GBP and USD JPY...
  4. S

    MT4 Broker with lots of U.S. CFD's/Stocks?

    Hello all... would anyone know of an MT4 broker that carries a good amount of USA stocks (CFD's)? Particularly, I'm interested in the ones that have the most options volume, as listed here: Thanks! Shawn
  5. Babeeked

    Are there any brokers that allow trading crypto on MT4 24/7?

    Pls recommend any brokers that allow 24/7 trading on MT4. I am planning to test a scalping EA.
  6. A

    Another MT4 Victim from Luxy dating Help Me!

    I’ve lost $120k in jintech. Just realizing gone. Desperate for help. same person Junhao Yan I’m contacting Luxy I’m contact law enforcement. I will find this little prick! Help me stop him!!!
  7. Dapipa

    How do I connect my MT4 account to get stats and to share with others?

    Hi all, Not sure how to connect my MT 4 account to get more details and a graph on my trades. How is that possible?
  8. K

    Used Forex Stuff Looking to purchase MT4 full license/server (without MT5 license)

    We are looking to purchase MT4 full license/server and without MT5 license included. Thank you
  9. I

    Hedging and Direct Hedge strats. I live Outside America. what is allowed/not allowed on mt4.

    Hi Ive been Learning to trade for a few months now. I have tried various Strategies but I was curious about the Hedging strategies. Ive heard you can take a position on a short and long but are there any rules and can we keep a trade open indefinately. Also are there chances of a penalty if...
  10. S

    Changing Order in MT4 Database

    Hi, Is it possible to change executed order BUY to SELL (OR) SELL to BUY in metatrader 4 local database. I know my question maybe crazy but is it really possible to do? Atleast in MT4 local Database (Stored in PC)
  11. E

    Tate Prime-Live on MT4, fake Forex broker, a big scam

    I have been scammed recently, by the fake broker Tate Prime, they are well-organized, well-trained and professional crime group, they can provide you trade information help you make easy money, BUT, UNAVALIABLE TO WITHDRAW. Upon you withdraw, they asked you to pay security bond, to pay tax to...
  12. CodeNameTBW

    White Label Severs MT4 SCAM (real accounts)

    Hey guys Thought this should be brought up. And as many forex traders should be made aware of this as possible. But there is this video going around the internet talking about "White label severs" Metaquotes has taken it down more than three times..... Now I wouldn't bore you with all the...
  13. gazza_hcl

    Potential Scam Alert - Rita Lasker and Forex AstroBot for MT4

    I don't want to jump to the conclusion too quickly, but there are signs that this seems to be a scam - Which I still honestly hope not. Long story short, I was somehow sold to try out this Forex AstroBot which got decent positive reviews and here's what happened. (In orders of time, all the...
  14. Advisor911

    MAM MT4

    Hello, I have a question about Multi-account Management module. In case of percent allocation, is it possible that "used margin" showed by MAM will deffer from sum amount of margins of each "slave" account? MAM margin = margin of the 1st slave + margin of the 2nd +... If MAM terminal shows...
  15. Franko Knavs

    Where can i find MT4 rectangle extender for Supply demand zones?

    I want to rectangle be extended into future, so i dont need to extend it every time. And also trendline exnesion will be needed. Can anyone share this rectangle extender indicator for MT4?
  16. abdullahbt

    Can a broker manipulate the amount in MT4? For example, the real investment amount is $5K but the broker shows $25K in the account.

    Actually, I have seen many Forex proprietary firms offering access to $25K fund and charging $150 per month. If you pay $150, they will give you access to MT4 $25K real account. But they will allow you to lose highest $2500. If you lose $2500, you are out of the game. So, I think in the back...
  17. Kelly Yeung

    ATFX Press Releases 2020

    ATFX is pushing AI, cloud computing, and big data in areas such as trading operation and market support. Following ATFX Connect‘s successful in the global from the third quarter this year, we have evolved from being recognised as a retail broker to an innovative and rapidly growing fintech...
  18. stankevich

    Used Forex Stuff MT4 license or licensed server is needed

    I am interested in purchasing MT4 license/licensed server
  19. O

    MT4 White Label Solution -Help

    Hi All, I need help, please let me know if someone of you guys had experience with WL provider as Panada, Leverate , Popcorn . Who is good, who is bad and why? .All of them sound nice but I know there is some catch. All info will be helpful. Thank you
  20. Anzo Capital

    How To Trade on MT4 with Anzo Capital (Part 2)

    (Continuing on from "How To Trade on MT4 with Anzo Capital (Part 1)"...) B. Desktop Version Upon launching your MT4 Desktop version, select “Login to Trade Account”. Enter your login details (refer to the email sent to you from us as mentioned in Step 1) and select “AnzoCapital-Live” server...