1. K

    Resolved - MTI ( Scam Alert !!!

    Jared Martinez and his MTI followers operate with 18 century tribesman's mentality. They use Baits, Nets, Ropes, Traps, Holes, Axes, Guards, and Milk Farms to hunt for their preys. I canceled my MTI purchases ($5495.00) within the 60 day Money Back Guarantee limit more that 3 months ago, and...
  2. V

    MTI ( Market Traders Institute) Rineg on "30 days unsatisfied re-embersment."

    Late May 2015 I signed up with Market Traders Institute (MTI) . Being reassured in a conversation with Juan Feliciano "that if I'm unsatisfied within 30 days I could request my refund back , which would happen 100% and termination of education and further costs effective immediately." ..... NO...
  3. S

    Market Trader's Institute Fraud

    Too bad I didn't do proper due dilligence before signing their contract. Maybe next time. I was lied to by Will Goldenberg, Education Specialist of MTI when I asked specific questions. I wanted to see the track record of their "Earn While You Learn" program. Mr. Goldenberg said I would...
  4. A

    I am also a victim of Market Traders Institute -MTI

    I am also a victim of MTI. I have tried contacting your refund department on a number of occasions but no one is answering the phone calls. In my own case, I joined MTI a month ago and being a full time worker, I could not engage in the live trading room from start to end, I only join the...
  5. feaisland55

    Market Traders Institute ( MTI )

    Market Traders Institute charged me $7995 for a forex education program called Ultimate Traders Package that was supposed to include BUT DID NOT INCLUDE working graphical software systems, technical support to keep it running, and ongoing instruction/education by webinars, books, and online...
  6. 4xGabriel

    Market Traders Institute MTI Scalpers Dream Course

    Hi everyone, I assisted to a Market Traders Institute online presentation about their product Scalpers Dream Course on april 7th 2011, and after that, his sales representative Mr. Donny Sullivan called me a few times and insisted me in buying the course, with the two months money back...
  7. V

    Market Traders Institute MTI Scambags

    MTI WILL NOT HONOR THEIR REFUND AGREEMENT, “SEE YOU IN COURT SUCKER” I joined MTI under their “Loose While You Learn” program and the agreement stated that I could meet some criteria (which I done) and then receive a full refund, that was six months ago and MTI will not respond to me or the...