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    ABANDONED and UNSUPPORTED - LongVision SCAM seller on Myfxbook

    Hello everybody! Beware of this guy I bought an adviser from him and it turned out to be fake! I have lost a lot of money! Help me!!! This guy sells a lot of fake advisers at low prices, after contacting him for a refund, he blocks the email and does...
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    Merzi Schell Scam Alert

    Hi all, I am posting here to let you all know that I have been scammed by Merzi Schell. His pages can be found at And And He sells 2 EA's- a euro scalper and a gold...
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    SCAM myfxbook Myfxbook is a page of reviews, but I noticed that this page deleted comments, stays with user passwords makes your forum best sees fit to turn this has Complices many Traders working together with the administrator of that page. Here I have an example that messages were deleted...