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    NetoTrade - Resolved*

    I opened up an account with a guy name Alan. He told me that you can deposit and withdraw money without incurring a fee. I started to make some profits and requested a withdrawal. It took a couple of days, but there was about 15% of my money was missing. They gave me the run-arounds when asked...
  2. F stole $60000

    Any help will be appreciated. Those guys persuaded a friend to invest money, his account manager promissed that he would not loose money and after investing $60000, he lost all of them. I raised a complain, the lady said we do not usually promise and convince somebody to invest money. I asked...
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    netotrade مشكلتي

    netotrade مشكلتي من لديه تجربة مع هذه الشركة ارجوا منه عرضها هنا فانا الان لدي حساب بهذه الشركة ومشاكل بسحب المال منهم قبل ان اطرح مشكلتي مع الشركة كاملة ارجوا طرح مالديكم عنها وشكرا
  4. M is a scam

    I trade with Netotrade under account No. 16350753, on 13th May 2013 I submitted a withdrawal request with amount of USD 10550, but amount was not debited untill 16th May after many contacts from my side. from the day I made my request till now I sent many emails and I contacted with more than...
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    Hi, this is my first time to post this is it not eligible in this forum please remove it. I got a call from Netotrade yesterday. I believe they got a number from since my UK number is hardly linked to anywhere(currently study abroad). As someone who trade forex for a bit, I also...
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    NetoTrade, I can't believe if this turns out to be SCAM

    I opened my trading account after an exchange of several emails. One of their senior most team members, Ms Anna Martin, confirmed in writing that should I use their Bonus (upto USD 10,000) against my similar amount of investment, not only all the losses (if any) will be borne from the Bonus...