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    Hi I am a newbie to all this there are so many programs I am getting bombarded with calls for me to join. Can any one recommend a trading bot for starters while I’m training. I’m gonna start small but don’t wanna get ripped off so very cautious....
  2. N


    Hello, My name is Liz, I am newly joined today and joined because I want some advice about getting out of my trading account. Not going to post here, will find the appropriate thread (have been a member of various groups where people don't read the pinned post etc. and more experienced...
  3. andreacristina

    Discuss Should I start Forex by joining a group like IMarketsLive?

    I learned about the Forex market through a friend that recruits people for IML. IMarkets Live provides tools & services to help traders make the right decisions in the FOREX markets. But they only provide help through a membership. I was supposed to join the group but instead decided to do my...
  4. ElaineMDG

    Just Want to Say Thank You!

    Although I've only been really concentrating on Fx for a couple of months, I can honestly say that between the scams, pushy marketers, (not always one & the same), questions and occasional confusion; I wouldn't be still hanging in there and even more excited about this crazy journey were it not...
  5. ElaineMDG

    New to FOREX, Quest @ "Bootcamp"

    Hello All!! I should probably introduce myself in that other section, but I'll do a short one here before asking my question. I'm 55, had to leave my career a few years ago due to my health. As a former healthcare professional, who'd also worked in research-my brother & nephew, (who do some...