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    Problem Rizwan Awan Gets His Third Strike - Managed Accounts Scam

    Rizwan Awan Gets His Third Strike Managed Accounts Scam In February 2012, a new Performance Test submission came in for Trends Fx from Pakistan while the company was claiming to be in the United Arab Emirates. That rang a bell with me, so I asked testing to hold off on...
  2. Scam Investigations Committee

    Problem The Next Word In Account Mismanagement

    Rizwan Awan had a great website for Next-Consultancy. His company, Next Consulting Ltd, claimed he had solid returns, that the initial capital would protected, and that money could be gotten back quickly. About a year ago, one of his clients complained to the FPA that withdrawal requests...
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    Problem Next Consulting Ltd

    Next Consulting Ltd offer Managed Accounts, until now having a 4-star rating, on 10 reviews. I deposited two amounts totalling £75,000 with them[nearly $150,000], in October 2007 and February 2008, on the agreement that the capital would be 100% protected, and the return would be 10% per...