1. fullertonmarkets

    A Weak NFP Won’t Delay Fed’s Taper Plan, But Who Will Benefit?

    A higher interest rate environment is expected, and the Fed has set the tapering timeline to happen within this year. If anyone were to benefit from such an environment, it would have to be the financial services sectors and banks. This week’s earning results should provide investors with deeper...
  2. fullertonmarkets

    Jobs Report Signals Fed’s Tapering Is Near

    The jobs data beat expectations last week, which led to both gold and silver selling off into the close. This morning we are seeing the overhang of that as perhaps those traders, who are a bit late to the party, are panic selling. With low liquidity at this time of the week combining with a...
  3. fullertonmarkets

    Downside Risk to Spike During NFP This Week Amid Delta Variant Spread

    August has a history of sudden spikes in volatility. Think back to the sell-off in August 2011, or the drama of 2015. With many areas of the world now experiencing an uptick in Covid and the CBOE’s Volatility Index creeping higher, this seems like something to watch out for. Markets are...
  4. fullertonmarkets

    Healthy NFP Data May Cause Dollar’s Uptrend to Pause

    The dollar’s recovery from its May low could be over, after Friday’s drop in US payrolls data. It is hard to get a clean read on US employment data, which is still plagued by pandemic distortions. The 850k headline print beats expectations but estimates have not meant much in recent months...