1. syamfx2020

    NIKE shares spiked after online sales grew 82%

    Nike shares surged more than 13% after the sports giant reported better than expected quarterly results on Tuesday. Meanwhile, apparel maker revenue slipped 0.6% to $10.59 billion from $10.66 billion a year earlier but better than the $9.15 billion forecast by analysts. The company said its...
  2. syamfx2020

    Nike revenue plunged 38% due to shutdowns, but online sales jumped 75%

    Footwear giant Nike (NYSE: NKE) released its fourth-quarter earnings results on Thursday. The company reported a surprise loss of $790 million due to store closures across North America and other parts of the world and the revenue fell 38% to $6.31 billion in the three-month period ending May 31...