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    Problem no1options is scammer ,any body can help

    this is a copy of message i sent to no1options many times but they refused to solve it espcially cfo mr jim hi i am dr atef ahmed please send my message to your big manager i have a diamond account with your company i have a big trouble with your company and your employers ( alex ...
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    No1Options blocked my withdraw after unasked bonus

    Hello FPA Community, my name is Goran and i have a problem with No1Options. I started on 09.03.2015 with No1Options and my first deposit was 100€. After that, Daniel Collins contacted me and promised me to teach me how to trade like him and make a lot of money but only if i would deposit 5000€...
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    I complain bitterly and grievances being a victim of No1 Options

    I complain bitterly and grievances being a victim of No1 Options who are scammers! They operate by lawless, swindling and by misrepresentation. Around mid-August 2015, one called Mr. Nicos Vertis called on daily bases and introduced himself as the account manager of No1 Options brokerage and...
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    No1 Options is a scam plus they put unauthorised transactions through your credit cards

    My son put a few trades through them from Sept to Nov last year. The told him to create his account in the name of a third party, Jack Mason, for tax reasons. They said that each trade was full insured so there would not no losses one way or the other. He lost $35,000 in "trades" because...