1. Sive Morten

    Forex NZD/USD Daily Video, May 18, 2023

    Good morning, Since we today have prepared update on AUD, why to not consider NZD as well? Especially when nothing happens on Gold market by far...
  2. Sive Morten

    Forex NZD/USD Daily Video, March 15, 2023

    Good morning, NZD is forming big reverse H&S pattern and price is coming to the moment for decision making. Now we keep an eye on 0.6150 level for long entry:
  3. Sive Morten

    Forex NZD/USD Daily Video, February 09, 2022

    Good morning, NZD has few tricky moments that might be important if you make decision on trading it:
  4. Sive Morten

    Forex NZD/USD Daily Video, August 12, 2021

    Good morning, While we're waiting for breakout on EUR, let's take a look at NZD that has few transparent trading setups:
  5. C

    Speculators' Short USD Position Up Again - Commitment of Traders (COT) Technical Analysis

    COT (Commitment of Traders) COT Report, 25 September 2012. Once again the speculators combined net short position in the USD climbed higher. It is now up to 267,878 total contracts in the currencies and the DI tabulated below. The only remaining USD long position was versus the euro. There...
  6. C

    Technical Analysis Commitment of Traders (COT) Data

    Currency Spec Load Up Long the Commodity Currencies. Mention quantitative easing and currency speculators behave like wild packs of Pavlov's dogs, rushing to get loaded on the long side of the commodity currencies. The total spec long in the Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand Dollar soared to...
  7. C

    Technical Analysis Commitment of Traders (COT)

    Speculators’ Short in USD Currency Futures Soars. The aggregate net short positions in the USD soared to 94,712 contracts, up from a nominal short of only 453 contracts in the previous week. Again, the big increase of USD shorts came against buying of the commodity currencies, specifically the...
  8. Mark Mc Donnell

    Current NZD Trading Plans

    NZD/CHF – set sell alarm at 0.7745, look for a sell signal below there, the D1 trend should form down below there, target is unknown. NZD/CAD – D1 down trend set sell alarm at 0.7985, potential down to 0.7700 NZD/USD – this pair needs to consolidate but the D1 trend should continue down...
  9. Mark Mc Donnell

    Current NZD Trading Plans

    NZD/JPY – D1 down trend forming. Set sell alarm at 62.15, potential down to 58.50. NZD/USD – D1 down trend is forming. Set a sell alarm at 0.7840, potential down to 0.7500. AUD/NZD – D1 up trend is forming. Watch for a Heatmap buy signal in the main trading session, potential is...
  10. Mark Mc Donnell

    Current NZD Trading Plans

    The NZD looks strong on many pairs. NZD/USD – D1 time frame could cross to the upside from here, look for a buy signal in the main session and new uptrend to form GBP/NZD – D1 down trend in place set sell alarm at 2.0230, target is 1.9900 area NZD/CHF – D1 up trend in place set...
  11. C

    Speculators Continue to Sell US Dollars

    COT Report Data 07 August 2012 - Analysis. Speculators continued to be sellers of the USD during the latest reporting period. Their net position is still long versus the currencies analyzed in this report, but the net USD long has been reduced from 309,663 contracts to just 133,074 contracts in...