1. Mark Mc Donnell1


    Today in forex trading the JPY was weak and the AUD was strong, causing many pairs to move in the opposite direction of the trend. The AUD/JPY, NZD/JPY and AUD/USD all cycled up on the H1 time frame. These movements were against the trend. They might continue up one more day but the exact...
  2. Mark Mc Donnell1


    Today in forex trading the JPY was mostly strong and the AUD and NZD had weakness. The AUD/JPY dropped on the H4 time frame. This pair is at one support level now and more potential down to the 82.40 area. The NZD/JPY also dropped on the H4. Support levels for this pair are at 77.00 and 76.50...
  3. syamfx2020

    RBNZ meeting highlights

    The New Zealand dollar and New Zealand shares tumbled on Wednesday after a dovish statement from the RBNZ. At the time of writing, the NZD/USD slightly recovered from the daily low of 0.6520.
  4. Jarratt Davis

    Buy NZDJPY | Current Sentiment

    Our trade call earlier in the week was to buy NZDJPY around 74.15, with a stop-loss at 72.40 and a target of 75.70. The rationale is that the RBNZ and Governor Wheeler have expressed serious concerns about the overheating housing market and state that it is a major risk to financial stability...
  5. C

    Is the Yen Still a Sale?

    Forex traders who correctly anticipated the yen was going to fall against other currencies have had a good month. At the beginning of January, the USD/JPY was trading just under 87¥ to the USD. By the end of the month it had slid to over 91¥ to the USD. Even more impressive was the strength...