1. syamfx2020

    RBNZ meeting highlights

    The New Zealand dollar and New Zealand shares tumbled on Wednesday after a dovish statement from the RBNZ. At the time of writing, the NZD/USD slightly recovered from the daily low of 0.6520.
  2. syamfx2020

    AUD and NZD falls to session low

    Commodity currencies AUD & NZD falls to fresh session low after the dollar renewed upside momentum. The important levels to watch this week: AUD/USD: 0.6740/0.6660 and 0.6860/0.6920 NZD/USD : 0.6350/ 0.6300 and 0.6440/0.6480
  3. S

    Aussie and Kiwi put on a strong show after positive job data and GDP

    The Australian stock market is modestly higher on Thursday after strong employment data. The unemployment rate falls 0.1% to 5.2%, with 39,900 new jobs created during November. In meanwhile, New Zealand’s GDP growth beat expectations in the third quarter. The economy expanded 0.7%...
  4. Forex101

    NZD/USD - Possible Downside!

    I'll keep this short. NZD/USD looks great to short next week. Let's go over a checklist Price is under 200 EMA Price pulled back to resistance Price has rejected at resistance Stochastic is overbought Checklist ticked off. Looks great for shorting! Good luck! DISCLAIMER: This is only a...
  5. Jarratt Davis

    NZDUSD Trading Opportunities - Forex Trading Tips

    Today we are looking at NZDUSD Trading Opportunities Trade: Placing a sell limit on NZDUSD. Fundamental Rationale: The US is on track to raise rates this year and the RBNZ is expected to cut several more times, including in July. Technical Rationale: 68 is a round number and matches with...
  6. C

    Speculators Remain Short the Euro

    CFTC Commitments of Traders Report, 30 October 2012. Speculators reduced their net short USD, as revealed in the latest COT report to 75.6K from 91.2K in the previous week. This is the 11th week specs have been short the USD. What is the CFTC Commitments of Traders (COT) Report? Sometimes...
  7. C

    Peculiar Timing for Bank of Canada's Hawkish Warning

    USDCAD. Markets have been under pressure this week. Currently, the Dow is down 1.6% to 13,132, and WTI crude is trading under 87 per barrel. This does not mean that the markets will not reverse but the bearish catalyst has been disappointing earnings. And so, against the backdrop of falling...
  8. C

    Speculators Reduce Their USD Currency Shorts

    COT (Commitment of Traders) Report, 09 October 2012. During the latest COT reporting period, currency speculators, in the aggregate, reduced their USD short position by over 107K contracts. From the peak USD short position of 267,878 contracts on September 25th, that position has been reduced to...