1. S

    OANDA order not executed

    Hi all, Currently trying to reach out to an OANDA Client Experience associate to ask them why a recent position taken on January 3rd, 2019 00:23:32 (MT4 server displays Cairo Time) did not execute upon hitting Take Profit at 00:39:00 Cairo Time/17:39:00 EST. I had sent them 2 emails last week...
  2. W

    Oanda Open Order Manipulation

    I am filing a complaint against Oanda. Oanda has closed my open long orders after the trades go into profits. I open the account and some orders are missing. The orders do not show up as if the orders were never there. Limit orders are not filled even when the price goes two pips over the price...
  3. UnhappyTrader

    Oanda Cheating me

    So i had a opened trade long on gbpjpy, with a stop loss on 153.288, the currency went down to as little as 153.400 as seen on the M30 graphic, and went back up but my 153.288 stop loss has been hit and trade closed in loss. The difference between 153.288 and 153.400 the one it hit is enormous...
  4. A

    Resolved: Oanda deposit problem

    I deposited 500 CHF to Oanda on September 1st 2017. and still don't have the money in my Oanda account nor my bank account. The deposit transaction doesn't show up in my funding history. Nevertheless, Oanda took money from my debit card. I contacted Oanda's frontdesk just a few hours after my...
  5. D

    Oanda hunts my stop

    A long AUD/NZD trade hits my stop loss at 5am, 5th of July, after a flash spike down to 1.2823. It happens, I think. Out of curiosity though, I check the price at my other forex accounts. Then I check price data from the web. Amazingly, the lowest level I see everywhere else is : 1.2877. So I...
  6. O

    Somebody doesn't like the FPA site!

    :err: Hi, I'm new here and I hope I post this thread on the right place! I trade with Oanda since almost 1 year, so far I have no problems with them. But in the last few days there are some strange things happening. Read this thread through...
  7. W

    Resolved - Oanda wont return $2000 Deposit

    Oanda USA wont return deposit. I will summarize my dispute with Oanda and then proceed to the next step with Forex Traders Court in hopes that I can get this issue resolved before proceeding to the next steps. Deposit: $2000 dollar check received by Oanda and deposited into their account (not...