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    OlympusMarkets scammed me for $9,000 CAD.

    OlympusMarkets scammed me for $9,000 CAD. Does anyone know which Country OlympusMarkets is based in?
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    My problem with Olympus markets

    Where to start...? I created an account and deposited 300 Euros, but for some reason I regretted it immediately. I should've listened to my gut. It would cost me 35 Euros in fees to have the money sent back to my credit card, so I figured I'd try to make enough money to cover that, but I got...
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    Olympus Markets

    Hände weg! SCAM!: Habe selber (frewillig) über € 14000.00 einbezahlt. In Juli 2019 habe ich versucht zu kündigen. Jetzt (Oktober 2019) habe ich, abgesehen von nichtssagende Kommentare des Support-Dienstes ("Thank you for contacting us.This information has been forwarded to your senior account...
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    Olympus markets are scammers

    After responding to an ad online for bitcoin revolution, I was immediately contacted by Olympus Markets and told to deposit $250 which at first I was hesitant about, but after comforting assurance that I would receive an " account manager" who would manage and trade for me, I was put at ease...