1. I

    Problem CommexFX

    Hi, I had an account at CommexFX. I submitted a complain to Cysec that I can not withdraw my fund on August. Today I have received a reply that CySEC does not have restitution powers and therefore does not investigate individual complaints. There are post here asking people to complan to Cysec...
  2. Master Yoda

    Problem CommexFX and Al Omari fined for Misleading Cyprus Regulators

    The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) just revealed today that it took several measures against CommexFX in the past. CySEC announced its board ruled on November 11, 2013, to impose an administrative fine of €30.000 on Abdel Rahman El Amary and another fine of €100.000 on...
  3. Master Yoda

    Problem CommexFX’s (Omari) License Suspended for Endangering Clients’ Interests

    CySEC has given CommexFX Ltd fifteen day to take actions in order to comply with the Directive, ‘Safeguarding of clients’ funds’ Full Article: CommexFX's License Suspended for Endangering Clients
  4. FXBroker

    I spammed the thread about CommexFx, Prime4x, and Omari's arrest with my fxsecure24 link

    To all of you traders here is present from me , url = https:// fxsecure24 .com/ registration/? camp=43 best execution, its a private club, by invitation only. Br. Congratulations on one of the most tasteless spams ever. You spammed your affiliate link for into a thread...
  5. M

    Problem CommexFX Prime4x Omari

    Dears, I have recently encountered a problem with a Broker called CommexFX. I started with this broker around 8 months ago; after loosing most of my money, I decided to withdraw what's remaining of it about 3 months ago. I started with a $2,000 withdrawal request 3 months ago and then a...
  6. AsstModerator

    2012 Forex Broker Scam of the Year Winners

    2012 Forex Broker Scam of the Year Winners There were 4 forex brokers that earned FPA Scam Findings in 2012. The votes of FPA members have been counted and it's time to announce the winners. In 4th place, for admitting they owed a trader money, demanding an apology, getting it, and then...
  7. F

    Problem is now

    Hello guys, Please Beware!!! is now CommexFx. Omari and his group of criminal minded friends have floated a new FX company called the company is licensed by Cysec as follows: CommexFx Ltd (ex Prime Forex Limited) 249, 28th October Str, Lophitis Business Centre -...
  8. AsstModerator

    Problem New Name, Same Scammer, Omari and Prime4x Return as CommexFx and CommexTrade

    New Name, Same Scammer Omari and Prime4x Return as CommexFx and CommexTrade The FPA doesn't like to call for destruction of a company. Everyone here hopes that even the worst forex company will eventually realize that there are more profits to be made from happy customers than from ripping...
  9. Pharaoh

    Problem Prime4x - Pay your Clients Now or Go Out of Business

    Prime 4x Pay Your Clients Now or Go Out of Business by Pharaoh Beware the Curse of the Pharaoh The FPA's AsstModerator was going to write this. He is so fed up with Prime 4x that he passed an outline and a ton of background information over to me and asked me to write an updating to what...
  10. AsstModerator

    Problem Prime4x – More Promises than Payments

    Prime4x – More Promises than Payments Gerard and I flipped a coin to see who would get to write this. I lost. It's probably fair. I spent more time on this than he did, and I stopped him from submitting Prime4x for a final Scam Investigations Committee vote more than once. First, let me...
  11. AsstModerator

    Problem Prime4x Problems Continue

    The FPA doesn't normally send out warnings about broker withdrawal issues before a formal scam finding. It's only been done one time before. That was the Crown Forex case, which ended with a scam finding and large amounts of money lost. I have tried very hard to work with Prime4x to resolve...
  12. AsstModerator

    Problem Report Prime4x withdrawal issues here.

    Prime4x now tells me that they've hired additional staff to process overdue withdrawals. If you have a withdrawal issued with Prime4x that is at least 2 weeks old, please report it in this thread. Include your account number and the date you first requested the withdrawal. Include the...
  13. M

    Problem Scam Broker! Beware!

    Beware of this scam broker! They took your money if you deposit lots. I deposited money thru my Malaysian IB(useless) about usd1000 on 24 feb 2009. Open the sell post of gbp/jpy at price 138.30 on 24 feb 2009 at time 11:40 (gmt+2) with 1pip/10usd. The post was floating until on 25 feb 2009. I...