1. syamfx2020

    US oil bulls hold steady amid omicron spread

    Crude oil prices rallied more than 55% in 2021 driven by the world economic recovery and supply-side issues. During the last week, the oil prices ended higher supported by supply disruptions from Libya and larger than expected falls in US crude inventories. However, the gains are limited as the...
  2. Zulbahri_GB

    Intraday Forex Friday, December 10 (EURUSD, USDJPY, etc). Dollar headed for weekly gain. Omicron COVID-19 variant spooks market.

    Hi everyone. This observation is made around 06:40 UTC today, with 30 minutes time frames. The Resistance and Support Line were constructed according to Fibonacci retrenchment. Any discussion is welcomed. Shares slipped and the dollar held firm on Friday as investors assess risks associated...
  3. syamfx2020

    Global Markets weekly outlook

    Global markets sharp sell-off in the last Friday triggered by over a new wave of Coronavirus outbreak. This week would be critical in determining how the countries going to battle against the new variant. The WHO has also given the variant, B.1.1.529, the name of Omicron. On the other hand, one...