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    Biggest Binary Option Sacm Ever! (All traders must watch this) canceled my 75 successful trades and restored account balance £5500 to £588. Beware of this Binary Option broker (My first video they had reported to You Tube, because there had one name and contact details of one officer)
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    Onetwotrade scam

    Hi ott are a scam ..i laid a trade at 54 but it came out 56 then i laid another at 52 and it came out 54 they were for 450 us each i was watching them and got ready to trade again so i went to next trade sesion .this is were i noticed that on the same trade had to different rates my trades went...
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    Refusing to show and pay profits - Onetwotrade

    Dear asir, I was scammed into parting with my savings with a company called Onetwotrade which claims that it is not a forex company but a binary company. I was made to believe that they would monitor my tradings based on their sophistaced tools of trade to ensure an 80% winning margin. On...
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    Read the fine print with Binary option traders. ONETWOTRADE

    Do not trade with this company, onetwotrade. They will take your deposit and even when you do not take any bonus, you still have trouble withdrawing your funds. In their fine print you must trade at least the total balance of your account with them before you can with draw any money, or they...