1. N

    Ricky Andrade also scammed me

    Hello, I'm from Hong Kong and i've also been scammed by this Ricky Andrade. The game is been going on since Oct'2019. Till now I've paid them +US$55,000. My Initial Investment was just $500 for a Weekly Investment plan where they were suppose to pay me back ROI $4,200. A week's investment plan...
  2. F

    Problem Ricky Andrade. Market masters academy on point fx signals

    Ricky Andrade/ Market Masters Academy/ on point fx signals. Please Read and share. Trap to a scam, One of the largest amount of money taken by an individual and company through online marketing. $300,000 and counting Ricky Andrade is contacting his followers and also creating and posting...
  3. M

    Onpointfxsignals.com scammed me over$119k

    I'm here and want to report On Point Fx Signals/Market Masters Academy the owner of these companies is Ricky Andrade. I've sent him 10,000 through zelle, 54,800 cash deposit into his account, 29,200 wire transfer through my Bank into his bank account and sent credit cards payments to. Now, Ricky...
  4. jav1981

    On Point Fx signals (Ricky Andrade) (Market Masters Academy)

    Joined up with these signals for the trial period. Signals were somewhat decent. Went to cancel my trial. I was told to schedule a call with Ricky. I asked what this had to do with canceling and got no response. I went stead and scheduled a call but had to cancel and continued emailing, to no...