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    Dear fpa, I have a problem with Optimarkets

    my name is willie whidbee , my user name is mvitmans I opened an account with Optimarkets, and funded $5,500.00 USD. The profits were not good for me. I LOST MONEY $1,100.00 ,IN TRADING AND IN FEES. IT left me with bal. $4,400.00. After months later, I was requesting my...
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    I've invested funds in "co-managed" accounts. A $10k account. On requesting a withdrawal which Optimarkets confirmed in writing has been done, denied the withdrawal two weeks later and insisted I must pay $10k to get a withdrawal of $9k. I also opened a € 5k account. They took a another € 5k...
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    https://www.optimarkets.com/ is a big SCAM!!!

    Hi I opened an account at optimarkets.com on 8/2/2013 I deposit 200 USD and I got an email from them then I asked for a withdrawal on 9/10/2013 they replied that they wanted documents I sent them everything . and then they told me it will take 14 days . till now almost 1 year I...
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    Optimarkets.com refused to refund my deposit

    I opened an account and funded it on the 03/06/14 and 24/06/14 respectively. After a few weeks of active trading i decided to get the balance of money out and close the account. Around this time i was also informed that there have been instructed by the uk regulators to close all uk accounts and...
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    Optimarkets binary option company is SCAM, "Be careful US traders"

    I invested with this company because they accept US customers and I was very happy at the beginning because it was a very useful and nice platform. I started to make money immediately and when I made my first withdraw request they stopped answering my emails and they blocked my account so now I...
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    Withdrawal issues with OPTIMARKETS BINARY

    I have $8700 balance in Optimarkets there. There is no way to get it out. Approved for withdrawal on April 28, 2014.
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    Trouble withdrawing my funds from OPTIMARKETS

    Recently, I was contacted by a Senior Accounts Manager (SAM) from Optimarkets offering me a bonus of $500 if I deposited $500 of my own. I did that and the bonus was duely paid into my account. The offer was that I he would trade on my behalf.This was done and for a week or so I received, as a...
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    Hello to all here. I have been trading with optimarkets.com for 3 month. I have deposit 700 us dollars and my account is now 5250 us dollars, but i have a big problem they optimarkets.com will not pay me my money when i ask for withdrawel. I am so sad about this because it is hard work...
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    Optimarkets.com is a SCAM AVOID AT ALL COSTS

    I am currently fighting to get my money back. They never respond to emails or process withdrawal request. I was referred to them by the ABS software, I believe they are working together to defraud people.