option fm

  1. W

    You will not get you money back if you deal with optionfm

    Everyone, you will not get you money back if you deal with optionfm!!!!!. I was also scammed, same process. They ensure you loose your money (it is set up like it's your fault) then they develop a "recovery plan" which entails you depositing more money. They will also give you free credits...
  2. M

    unethical, reckless, manipulative trading by Option.fm

    I was contacted by Option.fm unsolicitedly. (This was directly after i signed up with Secured Options, who scammed me too. Fortunately i recovered all my money from Sec Options). I had to put a deposit down of $250USA dollars (28 march) and then sign a DOD document with Option.fm, after...
  3. T

    Option Fm(OFM) scam -downunder

    Hi gang-love your work-I have just been badly scammed by OFM and have got a rather technical question first off. In their eagerness to get me to sign a bonus agreement form, giving me no time at all to actually read it- I put in my membership number incorrectly. It was in the form of a PDF cloud...
  4. T

    OptionFM problems

    Dear All, My name is Thiva. I am working in Doha, Qatar 2012. I put all my savings on my wife’s UK (HSBC) account. My wife was a teacher in the UK. Now, she is a housewife in Doha with me. My wife and I are the victims of OptionFM. In total, we have lost US$100,000 with OptionFM. On a single...
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  6. D

    Option FM - a dangerous scam

    My wife signed up with OptionFM in late April . On the 13th May their so-called expert personal trader conned her into depositing $20k , then during a short trading session they succeeded in losing her $20k in a matter of a few minutes, after my wife had urged her personal trader to stop...
  7. Melato

    Been scamed by Option.FM

    Hi All, I signed up with Crunch-tech auto trader on the 3rd of August and they assigned me Option.FM as a broker I should trade with using their software. I deposited $250 and supplied my verification documents to these broker so that I can start trading on the same day. I was told that to get...