1. 5

    Who really owned OptionBit.com in January 2017

    I was scammed by OptionBit.com in January 2017. I’ve finally got the funds together to take the owners of OptionBit (Global) to court in Israel to try and recover the money stolen from me, based on a private investigator’s report supplied by my lawyer. That report identified the Hillel Brothers...
  2. R

    Optionbit scam

    I am probably doing this all wrong, but I will give it a go and see what happens. Around October 2015, OptionBit convinced me to put some cash into my optionBit account to be traded someone who called himself Tom Scott. Tom was also the salesman and my account manager-- he had a boss (maybe...
  3. W

    OptionBit affiliate commission problem !!

    Hello guys. Im an affliate promoting for Optionbit. This June I have made $1250, I was promised to be paid on 15th. But today, 17th, I got no payment. When I tried to contact support of Optionbit, they told they couldnt help with anything, its not their department. Moreover, I send emails to...
  4. Henk77

    Optionbit - Bonus system is a fraud, say goodbye to your money!

    Hi I have been trading with optionbit for a while and received a bonus. I then wanted to withdraw the gains I had made and got an email saying I had not met the requirements to keep my bonus, I then told them to keep my bonus and just give me my gains. I then received an email saying I could...
  5. M

    Optionbit Scam

    I have been trading with this broker and I started with a deposit amount of $400. They tried to trick me into a bonus deal as a bonus of $120 was added to my account without even mentioning it to me. Immediately I noticed, i made sure i didnt take any trade until the bonus was removed and I...
  6. comingbacksoon


    I MADE OVER 8000JD= 11,000 USD and verytime if i got a bad connection during deposit or trying to chrageback scammers they claim tat CASH U not accepting withdrawal and that there is no rule to do so, and that happens with optionbit and tow other brokers will mention them asap ,But belive me be...
  7. comingbacksoon

    optionbite.com fooled me by advicing fake postions

    :mad: i started with them during july and first and second advice was made by the acount maneger and made me make sell for gbpcad and i lost all my cash , i emailed them several times but since no answer and no help so i am positng this in hope they will reconsider my case !! otherwise will...