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    Discuss HawkingCode.com

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  2. Haazen

    Problem Initiating class action against BDB/OFM. Anyone welcome!

    We are 9 FPA members who have initiated a class action against BDB/OFM with strong ambition and good methods. We have come far. We will launch our case in court within 2-3 weeks. Compared to Giambrone and Rebecka at Winchargeback the cost for joining our case is very low! Simply because we...
  3. T

    OptionFM (Binary Online)… Deceitful highway men

    First of all I would like to say how relieved I am to have found this site. I wish I had found it in my Google search before opening an account with these bandits. But that's history, on with my account of modern highway men. On the 2 January 2017, I opened an account with OptionFM, having...
  4. W

    Option.fm scam

    On 21st December I watched a video from facebook. This was The Saffa Method, and as I am from South Africa, there was a South African flag on the page, and it was narrated by Jake Mason, with an Australian accent. "Jake" assured me he was giving out software and it would not cost me anything...
  5. Bowong

    Option.fm Scam me!

    my story is similar to most of the victims. started with a 250 credit card deposit and slowly to 20k inorder to be their VIP trader group. Meanwhile, they also deposited almost 19k to my account without my authorization after i found out the "Bonus Terms Agreement" . Like others, they started to...
  6. oldenu

    "Even After They Wipe You Out...They Still Ring You Up" Option FM

    Hi, Having lost the entire contents of my account ($125K) in July 2016 I received a phone call today from the OFM The man told he was from the recovery dept and noticed I had lost a lot of money from my account. Immediately I went into a blind rage cursing and swearing at him down the phone...
  7. T


    Hi all, I join OptionFM im april, account manager Dennis Winter call Me and persuaded to join them company. He told me if I invest £5k he open for me VIP account and all of the transaction will be insured. Later I invest another £20k we play about 2 weeks and build account to £63k then I ask...
  8. M

    Option FM scammed me too...!

    Hi Guys, well yes, I'm another victim and feel like a complete FOOL. My story is so similar to everyone else's not sure if I have the energy to write it all here, but I believe that it is important so here goes. I'm living in Malaysia, I saw a video on youtube describing Binary Trading, and...
  9. Craigy

    Option FM gets another Aussie victim

    I to have been scammed hate to say but my wife was right caused a lot off controversy in my house hold . I wish that i came across this site some time ago . I have spent some time reading the various story's of victims from option fm . I must admit i,m very new to forums etc may be old school...
  10. E

    optionfm scam

    Hello all, How typical it is to find this forum and information about Optionfm after the event :( I've also been scammed by option fm. Although my situation is not as bad as some people Ive read about, but I want to get my money back. I've signed up to optionfm in October 16 and paid by my debit...
  11. h matt

    Option FM - a Wolf of Wall Street

    Option FM - The wolf of wall Street. I am a single mom, divorced raising two boys by myself, I live in Sa and finding jobs here isn't easy, I stumbled upon binary trading in July this yr, going into it I didn't know much but it looked good. I did my research to check for scams and un...
  12. H

    Option FM - Can someone help?

    Hi all, Having read through some threads can someone please help me? Have any of you any experience with what's happening to my mum? My mum has deposited £2850 with Options FM and now realises it's not what she thought! (Scam). She can log onto her account and can see £4500 in it! She has...
  13. W

    Option.FM Trying to withdraw the last of a lot of money without success. Any advice?

    Trying to withdraw the last 3,558 of my money without success. Any advice?
  14. harleybarba


    Hi All, Just going through the posts and looks like I'm in the same sinking ship. I joined OFM maybe 4 days ago now, have done no trading due to using a different credit card for deposits after the 250 deposit. They want verification of my second credit card but have not yet sent it as I have...
  15. L

    Option FM - Scammed

    Another story from myself with Option FM. The behavior of these people was incredibly, rash , disgusting and utterly remorseless... To cut the story short. I used my entire savings, parents savings and girlfriends with increasing pressure from option FM and their account managers and deposited...
  16. oldenu

    Was The OFM Account Manager Really Ringing from Hong Kong?

    Was The OFM Account Manager Really Ringing from Hong Kong or the Hong Kong Takeaway? Having been online for a number of years I have managed to avoid being scammed...until now. In May this year I researched a number of binary options brokers as I was looking to supplement my retirement income...
  17. A

    My problems with OptionFM

    Hello, I made one initial deposit with Option.fm of $250. I then read up on them and made the decision I would not trade . This happened on the 27th of May 2016. Over the next month, Corus services and option.fm (the same company) proceeded to take $311,000 from my bank. I did a brief...
  18. J

    Option Financial Markets trading fraud -DANGER- stay away!!!

    Hello everybody, I am one of the hundreds, maybe thousands of victims of Option fm trading activities. I've already had the conversation with some members of this forum about this topic. They've given me valuable advice how and where to get the help. Thank you for that. I am in the process of...
  19. T

    Option FM Professional Scammers

    Unfortunately I too have also been scammed by these unscrupulous people. The way they conduct their business is totally unprofessional and unexceptable. They lie, they cheat and they use bullying // harassment techniques to suck you in!! Once in its hard to get out again until all the money you...
  20. A

    OptionFM big scammer

    Daniel Sharp and Kevin Bloom both are senior account manager who promised to help and asked to deposit more money but at the moment that you will submit withdrawal request they will immediately call you and give instruction to trade all your money in diff asset. At the end of the trade all lost...